Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Months. 12 Pictures. 12 Lessons

January's Lesson

Celebrate other authors!
Kristin Tubb's book launch at Parnassus.

February's Lesson

Cultivate a face-to-face relationship with your editor!
Court and Rosemary in her office at HarperCollins.

March's Lesson

When you're stuck, retreat to the place where
 you are most productive!
Court at Fort Walton Beach!

April's Lesson

Writing retreats are a good idea!
Schedule for the Re:Vision Re:Solution Re:treat
May's Lesson

A book is never finish. There are always improvements to make. 
(Even after it has a spine. Those go into book two.)
Faking Normal Line Edits

June's Lesson

We are always leaving our mark where others have already left theirs. 
Respect the history of our profession wherever you find it.

Signing wall at Allgood Middle School Library - Allgood TN

July's Lesson

Find a way to market within your personality.

The first Channel Your Brave product.

August's Lesson

The better you know your agent and the people she works 
with the better you understand and trust her editorial advice

Court, Kelly, Sharon, & Jess at SCBWI LA Conference.

September's Lesson

Sometimes you have to step outside your own character to find your character.

ShadowHunter Court at DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia

October's Lesson

Attempt things you feel are impossible. Train for them. Train for them with friends.
Lauren, Sarah, Court, and Erica with our 1/2 Marathon Medals

November's Lesson

Be the kind of person who befriends lions.
Intimidating people aren't as intimidating if you love them.

Court at Yallfest (with Aslan?)

December's Lesson

Give back to your local book store.

Court, Niki, and Victoria at IndieFirst Small Business Saturday.


  1. Awesome, Court! Loved the wisdom and the remembrance!

  2. I love this post! The pictures and the wisdom you share is much appreciated!
    Also, did you run a marathon? I recently started running again and hope to do a marathon in the future (after lots and lots of training)

  3. This is lovely, and I've really enjoyed looking around the site. Too long since we met, but I will be wishing you all the very best for pub day and beyond. You are a shining lady!